The Fundamentals Of Insurance

Dec 03, 2020


Correa has been pretending she was doing her job perfectly. “We made sure yesterday that all the inhabitants of Providencia and Santa Catalina are provided with food and water. We have 100% coverage,” Correa claimed on Monday. On Wednesday, the officials said the 5,000 locals received 12,000 liters of water over the past week. This is 0.3 liters of water per person per day. This has left the locals unable to either drink or cook as their drinking water tanks were destroyed by the hurricane. In Providencia there is no drinking water and there has never been drinking water. There is no desalination plant, people consume rainwater. The crisis coordinator subsequently boasted water pumps draining water from underground wells, but the health association said this water was not just unfit for consumption, but “full of flies, mice, cockroaches, garbage and decomposed waste.” The island of Providence faces an additional health crisis due to the pop over to this site number of animal carcasses that died in the wake of Hurricane Iota.